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Our Process

Often, when we meet with a prospective client for the first time, there’s 2 questions we’re most commonly asked: The first question is: What makes Steinberg Investment Group a good choice from other wealth management firms, and the second question is typically: Who is Steinberg Investment Group best suited for.  What’s an ideal client look like for us?

Regarding what makes us a good choice, it really comes down to our people, our practice, and our process.  Our people, have all the credentials you would expect, a real passion for what we do, and an incredible sense of purpose.  Our practice, can be highlighted by the pride we take in creating consistency within the client experience, and we’ve adopted best practices to achieve this.  Lastly, our process puts every piece of the clients’ puzzle together as their lives unfold and their needs evolve.

In regard to who Steinberg Investment Group is best suited for, in many cases, our clients are professionals, business owners and executives, who look to us to match up their goals and objectives with an individualized asset allocation, which enables us to address each of our clients’ specific needs, as their lives unfold and their needs evolve.

Where do you go from here if you want to get to know us a little better?  Contact us to schedule and initial conversation.  There’s no expectation it needs to go any further than that.  We’re looking forward to meeting with you soon.

Sounding Board Process

Steinberg Investment Group offers several value-added services as part of our overall process, including one which we call "Sounding Board".  Geared toward our existing clients, this service is provided to friends and family members.