Steinberg Investment Group is a Portland, Oregon-based wealth management firm committed to providing quality, strategic and personalized financial investment and retirement planning services for each of our highly valued clients. We believe in serving those in our community regardless of gender identity, religion, or family status.

We deliver more than the latest financial, investment, and retirement services—we focus on fully understanding each client's long-term financial goals and design customized wealth management strategies that seek to protect and build our clients' wealth.

Steinberg Investment Group delivers investment planning and investment services with a personal touch and vigilant portfolio oversight. The principal of Steinberg Investment Group—Lance Steinberg is an experienced, tested and skilled investment strategist who is committed to incorporating our clients' long-term financial goals into their individual investment portfolios. Our firm has a combined 70 years of experience in financial management. We are engaged and progressive in handling our clients' investment portfolios—and plan to partner with our clients throughout their entire lives.

We take our personal commitment to our clients' financial future to heart. Our clients have direct daily access to a licensed wealth manager and investment advisor professional. Our highest priority is to provide our clients a personalized level of financial, investment and retirement service that exceeds expectations. We believe that this personal commitment to our clients' long-term financial future is the key to our own success.

Our commitment extends beyond providing personal service and financial education. Our investment planning and services are enhanced through our association with LPL Financial. This valued and beneficial association provides the ability to manage portfolio strategies and scale, leverage new technologies, consolidate financial resources, and access the latest finance and investment research.