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Avoid Playing Politics with Your Portfolio

When the markets are shaky, it can be tempting to rely on political headlines or pending legislation to time your entry or exit points. However, letting politics drive your investment decisions can be a costly mistake. Learn more about what helps market trends endure beyond political administrations and why you should ignore the noise and focus on your investment fundamentals. Politics' Long-Term Impact (or Lack Thereof) on Markets How much do political decisions really impact the stock mar
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COVID-19 Delaying Your Retirement Date?

Recent surveys have indicated that many of us are rethinking our retirement plans because of COVID-19. In fact, one survey from the nonprofit group Life Happens suggests that a whopping 43% of Americans say they plan to postpone and continue working past their retirement date because of COVID.As a financial professional, this is troubling for lots of reasons. And while it’s impossible to make blanket statements or give advice that fits the masses, there are three important questions you ne
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The Risks of Market Timing

"Market timing" is the strategy of trying to predict when stock prices will rise and fall and attempting to buy low and sell high. While this seems to make sense in theory, it's extremely difficult to pull off successfully. Trying to time the market may mean missing out on potential gains.Typically, you can't accurately pinpoint a market high or low point until after it has occurred. If you move your money out of stocks during a low period, you might not move your money back in
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Coping With Market Volatility in Uncertain Times

As the United States desperately tries to flatten the contagion curve for the coronavirus, many state governors have mandated the closure of an unprecedented number of businesses and issued stay-at-home orders to their citizens. The global pandemic is wreaking havoc with the markets and causing concern among many investors. Dealing with market volatility during uncertain times can be stressful, and these tips may help.  1. Focus on What You Can ControlDuring times of economic uncertain
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